109 Army Hospital-Clinic extension

Honorable mention in national architectural design competition.

The concept was not to interrupt the historic Bauhaus original Army Hospital but to compliment it. To do so, we minimized the area of the upper 2 floors of the new hospital extension so not to overshadow the existing building. This allowed us to create a roof garden terrace for the staff and patients just overlooking the park nearby. The bottom 2 levels were clad in brick to associate the new building with its predecessor. Functionally the new extension works independently of the existing building. A glass bridge on the first floor links both buildings together so that the existing Army Hospital can use the new operating theatre and intensive care unit of the new extension.

The new extension includes: surgery ward with 3 operating rooms, intensive care unit, central sterilization unit, maternity ward with birthing rooms.

Szczecin, PL

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