Pawiak Prison Museum of Warsaw

On the site of the Pawiak Prison Museum of Warsaw, we presented our idea for a new museum. Besides the extension of the existing building, we have proposed a 3-4 level vertical park, in the historic site of the former women prison department called “Serbia”. We had also planned to mark the layout of the whole complex in the city space, with carefully chosen means of landscape architecture. Extension, due to its architectural form, will generate a shadow, a vital element to recall emotions of terror, inspired by the “Pawiak” name itself. The 3-dimensional, distorted lower part of the elevation is a reference to pressure, which would be a term immediately associated with the oppressive history of the place. The overall form of the proposed building, pictures the strength of purpose of those who when confronted with the nationalist oppression, still kept fighting for freedom and universal values of humanity. We didn’t exclude references to the destroyed historic building. The height of the planned extension will be exactly as the historic men prison building. The roof pitch will mimic the one provided with the design of H.Marconi (1820). Around the planned extension, an open-air exhibition will be accessible, regardless of the opening hours of the museum. The project challenges the consciousness of visitors and confronts them with the history of the place. It will be an answer to the usual question regarding the MPP: Where is it?


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